Smart CP Party @ The Embassy, The Fort

Rain didn’t stop the mobile industry people from partying.

Food was good and the bar was open for a considerable few hours. It was Smart’s way of saying thank you to the top CPs for 2005. Bypassing the horrible Edsa traffic on a drizzly Friday evening via the FTI route, we were just in time for the fun.

Games included a witty trivia quiz game about various cheesy stuff from the past and present to apparently expose whoever wins as jologs king / queen., followed by a speed drinking contest for 7 deadly shots of various alcoholic drinks (Karen of Cube Interactive, Charlie from Chikka, Ricky Isla were among the participants) ; and ending with a valentine special featuring models Derek Ramsey and Nicole Hernandez as ‘searchers’, entertaining everyone with questions & answers colored with with sexual undertones that animated the crowd.

Some lucky ones got new phones and gift items that were given away, while the rest can adore themselves immortalized into special Smart photocards. All that fun will not be complete, though, without the singing and swaying for the music of MYMP’s enchanting performance and Mark of Passage as guest, before everyone was finally set loose to dance the night away.

While it’s been generally observed that business has slowed down for most CPs, it’s one of those rare times when formality is cast aside and you see the more personal sides of your business network. While being face to face with competition may be a little awkward, it was good to be reminded of other more common things: fondness for fun, partying and good times from time to time. 😉

balloons balloons gearing up for the drinking spree waiting for the searchees MYMP jams


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