On Google entering the mobile content market

So Google announced its mobile homepage today, and just recently I thought aloud of what the challenge to mobile companies would be as internet companies go mobile.

Nic Howell of Netimperative thinks that all this development is an assault, a preparation to muscle in on the lucrative global mobile content/entertainment market, while Carlo Longino from Techdirt sees it as Google’s effort to nudge telcos to become the face of mobile internet themselves.

Google wouldn’t comment on the new strategy, but Nic reports it’s currently searching for a wireless content strategic partner development manager, to be based in the UK, to lead the move. The key aim of its mobile content strategy, it adds, will be to develop a range of revenue-generating wireless content partnerships that will be carried out by both acquisition and syndication.

Carlo has rightly expressed: it looks like the carriers’ obsession with offering closed systems, separate from the rest of the internet may be coming back around and biting them. All due to the fact that that people will not use services not integrated with web services they already currently use.

Integrate or focus, I say, unless mobile companies do get acquired or is a candidate for a strategic partnership.


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