Paypal Launches Paypal Mobile Payments

More from: Russell Beattie, Engadget, MocoNews, PSFK and MobileCrunch.

I remember a quote saying that naming things give you power over them.

This might just be what has really happened with the official launch of SMS text payments.

So what happens when you can assign names (Text to Buy codes) to anything, to purchase?

There's the real opportunity.

With PayPal's plans finally coming through, I look forward to how they can further revolutionize mobile payments in comparison to how TextPayMe or our other Asian neighbors are doing it.

I had been nurturing an interest in the market and some more questions I sought answers for are as follows:

  • Where can SMS text payment really flourish in comparison to other payment methods?
  • What could be the best way to implement,
    a) without incurring expensive infrastructure or hardware costs?
    b) and at the same time helping ensure and fast-track adoption with merchants?
  • What bred success for Korea and Japan for mobile payments? How can we learn from them?
  • The Philippines has begun text payments but hasn't really taken off, what gives?
  • What are the security dangers with text payment method or the swipe method?

After research, analysis and more research, all I have are my ideas (maybe more on this later) in a mindmap, plans and attempted efforts to join in on the fun. This is inspiring, though, and I still hope to actualize my attempts somehow. :">

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  1. It is also due to an update in technology trends lounged by paypal, according to which now payment can made by your mobile. thanks!

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