Web 2.0 Wishes Prologue

Dion Hinchecliffe recently recalled ”how harnessing collective intelligence and real-time leveraging of the two-way Web tremendously improved people's lives in a bad situation.” [That] It's making everyone sit back and think of the possibilities.”

What follows are my thoughts of one such possibility. My web 2.0 wishes. The article is divided into the following:

Web 2.0 Wishes (Part 1: Intro),

Web 2.0 Wishes (Part 2: Annotation & Bookmarking),

Web 2.0 Wishes (Part 3: Organization, Personalization, Modification and Output),

Web 2.0 Wishes (Part 4: Collective maps and helping the search & discovery of information)

Web 2.0 Wishes Epilogue

After considerable time incubating in my head, I had finally finished this little compilation of thoughts. While I still prefer personal discussion over text, I hope this helps trigger more ideas and questions to explore even more possibilities.


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