My Disc Index Behavioral Dimensions Profile

Egos aside, for the fun of self-analysis and reflection, and as a practical reference for anyone that  would need to work with me, here are my DISC profile results from the online test I took last May 2010.

Apart from the specific note on “Things to avoid to effectively communicate with (me)..” that advised people to “Avoid trying to build friendships and personal relationships,” which I sort of disagree and  interpret to be ‘business first, personal things later’, I mostly agree with the points mentioned. (o:

A summary of strengths specific to my score:
(this is the point where I start to shy away now a bit)

  • A high sincerity-factor in working with individuals, or with small groups, and you also bring a bit of a candid ‘edge’ to comments or input.
  • Able to assimilate complex information and develop conclusions based on the data, not the emotions of special-interests.
  • High degree of follow-through, and completeness of thought and action.
  • Brings a high degree of objectivity to the organization’s systems and projects.
  • Able to provide factual, authoritative, and objective verbal expression on topics to which you have given mind-share and intellectual consideration.
  • Brings a high knowledge-base and process-base from which to expand the ideas of the team
  • Patient in working with others.
  • Provides a very deliberate and systematic approach to the analysis and critical thinking necessary for finding answers and creating solutions.

..As well as Areas for Continual Improvement:
[I *may* tend to..]

  •  Not openly project a lot of enthusiasm.
  • Sometimes become blunt and critical, and forget about appropriate tact.
  • Be rather opinionated and inflexible when asked to make a sudden change in process or procedure, without prior warning or consideration.
  • Become rather stubborn once your mind is made up.
  • Take criticism personally, even though it was directed at a work process.
  • Have a lower sense of urgency to get things done.
  • Become somewhat critical, even sarcastic, when others don’t measure up to your standards.
  • Become indecisive in the face of sudden change.

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