Making Sense of Being an IT Public Servant

I finally got to watch the TED talk by Simon Sinek on How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

It got me to thinking about suggestions for work surrounding ‘formalizing’ my answer to the question of how I made sense of my work as an IT professional public servant for the tax department or the answering of the why-we-do-what-we-do question.  Will see whether these thoughts resound with people at work as something that can help encourage even more positive cultural change.

In any case and in tandem with other beliefs, I’m satisfied enough in that the thoughts below help inspire me to do my best at work.  Would be happy to hear about other public servants’ thoughts as well!  So, here it is, what I came up with so far in progressively soft-to-spiritual overtones.

Why do we do what we do in IT in Inland Revenue:

We’re proud world-class performing public servants who help administer the support for the government/collective administrative system as it works to  establish an environment that:


a) the society aspires or dreams to

b) where people are able to meet and progress their physical, mental, spiritual needs to its utmost potential

c) that encourages everyone’s self-realization and love for all things animate or inanimate

So… hopefully, inspiring enough for others, too?


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